Obama Says North Carolina Mayor Will Press Ahead with Transportation Agenda

President Barack Obama has formally nominated Charlotte, North Carolina mayor Anthony Foxx to succeed Ray LaHood as Secretary of Transportation. Foxx will continue the goal LaHood has set to rebuild and expand the nation's infrastructure. News of Obama's nomination began to leak this past Sunday, and according to Obama, Foxx is one of the most effective mayors that Charlotte, North Carolina has ever had. He also noted that the city's resurgence is due to the emphasis of transportation projects. Under Mayor Foxx, modern electric tram service has been brought to Charlotte, as well as the Charlotte Regional Intermodal Facility. Foxx's relationship with state officials around the country is important to fulfill the transportation agenda. Foxx's predecessor, Ray LaHood, was best known for his crusades against distracted driving and passage of higher corporate average fuel economy standards. Obama refers to him as an "outstanding public servant," and in LaHood's parting remarks, he said he was proud of his work with the Obama administration on the CAFE standards for cars and light trucks.
Source: Automotive News (Subscription required)