Officially Official: Acura to Show NSX Concept, New Entry-Level Sedan, and 2013 RDX at Detroit

By Blake Z. Rong | December 12, 2011
They’ve teased us long enough—even as the last NSX rolled off the assembly line, the rumor mill was already churning—but this time it’s as official as it gets: Acura will showcase a new NSX concept at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, as well as a new RDX SUV and a compact luxury sedan. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the NSX Concept will closely resemble the Acura sports car inserted into the Avengers movie as Tony Stark’s daily driver—even though they adamantly denied at the time that it would have anything to do with a future product, concept or not. But then again, when you’ve got a car that alluring, why throw it away? The design of the car is reportedly “inspired” by this previous car, with no qualms from us. And like the much-loved older NSX, it will feature a V-6 engine, but this time around, partnered with a hybrid drivetrain consisting of electric motors at the wheels for the ultimate in all-wheel-drive flexibility and grip.
In addition to the headline-grabbing NSX, Acura’s been busy. The company will also roll out an entry-level luxury sedan they’re clumsily labeling the “ILX,” which in fact isn’t a Canadian airport code. The compact sedan will slot underneath the TSX as “the gateway to the Acura lineup.” Given the fact that the Acura TSX, the brand's least expensive car, is already on the small side, we wonder if the ILX will really be the poor man’s Acura or a flop like the Lexus HS 250. And like the aforementioned Lexus, the ILX will come in hybrid form: Acura’s first gas-electric hybrid will bank off Honda’s experience with the Insight and Civic drivetrains, but there will also be two gasoline engines available. Lastly, expect an updated RDX compact SUV for the 2013 model year. The current example has been around since 2006, so a refresh and some rhinoplasty has been long awaited. Will the ILX reintroduce to Americans the idea of the small luxury car? Will the RDX look better than it ever has? And perhaps more importantly, will the new NSX make associate editor (and shameless Honda fan) Jason Davis’s heart swoon as much as it does for the last one? We’ll find out in about a month. Source: Acura