One for the Record Books: 28 Gymnasts Fit Into a Mini Cooper

By Jacob Brown | November 16, 2012
There's something to be said for a girl who happens to be a flexible gymnast. No, not that. Get your mind out of the gutter! What can be said is this: She'd likely be good at helping set a world record when partaking in seeing how many people can fit into a Mini Cooper. Yesterday, we reported that a gymnastics troupe in England would be looking to set a world record in the number of people fit into a Mini Cooper. Today, Guinness World Records day--part self-back-patting for becoming the best-selling copyright book this day in 2004, part promotion to get people to do something amazing--they actually did it. In the case of the 28 women from East Sussex, U.K., they managed to all fit into a 2012 Mini Cooper with minimal trouble, breaking the world record they set last year. Using every inch of space in the Mini's cabin, they piled in. Mini reports they were even able to fit four women into the tiny cargo space behind the rear seat.
PerĀ The Guinness Book of World Records, the official rules state that every door and window in the vehicle has to be closed for five seconds once everyone is in the car; participants have to be at least five feet tall. The gymnastics troupe has been practicing for a year since having gotten 27 people in the car last year. From its efforts, it was also able to fit 23 gymnasts into an original Mini Cooper, breaking the record by two. The old car was just 10 feet by four feet by four feet, a considerable two feet shorter than the new car. When Mini called itself that the first time around, it wasn't kidding. We're thinking Mini stuffing it starting to reach critical mass, as the current Mini Cooper hatchback is headed into its last year before being replaced with a newer design. Can 29 people fit into one of the cars? We'll likely never have the chance to find out, but we doubt this modern Mini record just set will ever be broken unless this group is the one to do it. Source: Mini