One for the Record Books: Honda Surpasses 1 Million Hybrid Vehicle Sales Worldwide

By Trevor Dorchies | October 16, 2012
Honda has surpassed 1 million hybrid vehicle sales worldwide as of the end of last month. It took Honda 12 years and 11 months to reach the milestone, beginning back in 1999 when the first-generation Insight entered the open market in Japan. Honda quickly brought its hybrid vehicle to the United States, selling the Insight in 1999 as a 2000 model. Over a decade later, Honda has managed to sell over 318,000 hybrid vehicles in the United States on the backs of the Insight and Civic hybrid. Currently, Honda sells eight different hybrid models in 50 countries all around the world, four of which are available in the United States (CR-Z, Civic, Insight, and the Acura ILX). Honda isn't the first automaker to reach this milestone however. Toyota reached the one million hybrid vehicles sold plateau back in 2007 and since then, the Japanese automaker has moved an additional five million hybrid vehicles around the world. Honda began producing hybrid vehicles outside of Japan for the first time earlier this year with the ILX in the United States and the Fit in Thailand. The Fit hybrid, known as the Jazz outside of the U.S., will also begin production in Malaysia later this month. Honda's expansion of hybrid production in Asian territories is an attempt to expand the hybrid market there. In addition to the hybrid systems already in production, Honda will introduce two more systems to be mated with a two-motor hybrid system. A high-output system hybrid system is also expected to be used in the upcoming Acura NSX and RLX Sport Hybrid model, respectively. The successor to the Legend, which will be introduced in Japan first, will also feature a variation of this system.
What say you? Are hybrids the way to the future or can internal combustion technology catch up in the fuel economy department? Tell us what you think in the comment section below. Source: Honda
Rockingham Honda
Rockingham Honda

An amazing milestone for Honda. I think we are going to see these types of milestones occur more and more as more people are really starting to think about the earth when they make any purchases.