OnStar Sends Driving Directions Straight From Your Phone

By Blake Z. Rong | August 30, 2011
GM's OnStar has always been part of the automaker's technological push, allowing consumers to connect to a host of information and entertainment functions. While the system has offered turn-by-turn live navigation in the past, owners now have the ability to program directions on their smart phones, through the OnStar RemoteLink app. Through OnStar's RemoteLink, you enter a location, either through the app's voice recognition or simply by typing it into the phone. From there, you choose whether you want the directions through OnStar's turn-by-turn navigation, or through the car's in-dash screen, if it's so equipped. The trick part is that you can program the directions from anywhere, and OnStar's app automatically sends directions from the phone to the car. Just turn the key, and you're ready to navigate.
“Our customer focus is simple connectivity and a seamless user experience,” said Steve Schwinke, director of Advanced System Design for OnStar. “RemoteLink’s navigation enhancement offers our customers another choice in how they get directions, whether they’re in their car, on their computer, or using their compatible smartphone.” It's one of those simple-sounding features that could end up changing the way one gets things done. No more wishing you'd printed those Google Maps directions before you left your house. Plan for the next Starbucks break from inside another Starbucks! It may not seem like a revolution, but for certain owners it could even chalk up a vote for the merits of planning ahead. The RemoteLink app is currently available to owners of the iPhone and Android phones, and will appear in the app as an update. Right now it is not available for users of OnStar FMV, but GM says it is working on it.