Opel Monza Concept: Is This Destined For Duty with Buick in the United States?

By Trevor Dorchies | July 08, 2013
Opel, the German-based automaker governed by General Motors, has partially revealed future design language in the form of the Monza Concept today. Slated to make its official debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show later this year, the Opel Monza Concept represents a "clear strategy for the future of Opel as a company and a brand,” says Opel CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann. Obviously, we here in the United States haven't experienced any Opel products firsthand since 1975, but we continue to get versions in the form of Buick. For example, the Opel Insignia may look familiar if you've never seen one in person as it's simply a rebadged Buick Regal. The list goes on, too as the Opel Mokka doubles as the Buick Encore, and the Opel Astra is known as the Buick Verano here. Opel shared vehicles with the (thankfully) defunct Saturn brand, too. As for the Opel Monza Concept, it's the result of over 6,000 engineers, technicians, and designers working together to develop a future product for GM's German division. Like it's Buick counterparts stateside, the Opel Monza Concept will feature various forms of connectivity for smart phones and an infotainment system that may also look familiar. Neumann also promises that the Monza Concept will represent future designs of Opel products which, if you're in the United States, means we get an early look into what Buick will probably look like down the road.
Like many other Opel-to-Buick swaps, the German version usually wears a restyled front-end, but in other cases, the Opel lightning bolt is simply swapped out for a Buick Trishield. The Opel Monza Concept may fall victim to this badge swapping so, as we stated above, we get an early peek into what may be coming down the pipe with Buick. The Opel Monza Concept sits low with lines running down the length of the vehicle. The hood is sculpted to help give the Monza Concept an athletic look without coming off as too bulky. The chrome grille runs upward and terminates with winglets at the tips. Basically, Opel's designers wanted to give off the appearance that the Monza Concept is light on its feet and fun to drive. Something that Buick doesn't radiate in the United States. So if and when the Opel Monza makes its way over to the states dressed as a Buick model, what will it be called? Sound off in the comment section. Source: Opel