Ordering Guide Leaked for 2012 BMW 3 Series

By Jacob Brown | November 11, 2011
With the magical wonder known as the internet, information has leaked for the 2012 BMW 3 Series well before its U.S. introduction. Coming by way of an ordering packet obtained by the folks at EGMCarTech is BMW’s U.S. ordering guide for the new compact premium sports sedan. In it, BMW reveals that it is, in fact, diverging from the company’s typical U.S. marketing strategy by keeping the three distinct model lines first seen in European press materials: Sport, Luxury, and Modern. The car will debut with the turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder and 3.0-liter six-cylinder engines first seen in the larger 5 Series. They will still be known as the 328i and 335i. Coming standard in both models will be a 6.5-inch navigation screen with iDrive, Bluetooth connectivity, MP3 player jacks, programmable driving modes including an eco mode, regenerative brakes, two cupholders in front of the shift lever instead of the tiny dash-mounted units found in the previous model, and floor mats. Each model will also get upgraded standard wheels, giving the 328i 17-inchers, the 335i 18-inchers, and making a set of 19-inch wheels optional on the 335i.
In each variant—Sport, Luxury, or Modern—BMW gives the 3 Series slight tweaks, from a different grilles to upholstery colors and options. But in keeping with BMW tradition, both the 328i and 335i will be available with either manual or automatic transmissions. However, for once, the automatic—this time, BMW’s new eight-speed—isn’t an extra-cost option. Optional, besides the model lines, are a tech package with a head-up display and navigation system, a parking assistance package, blindspot detection, cold weather options, a premium package with upgraded power features and leather, and a premium stereo with satellite radio and a Harmon/Kardon surround sound system. BMW has already begun taking orders for the new 3 Series, with deliveries beginning in February 2012 for the Luxury and Modern lines. Sport models will find their owners by July, and we expect BMW to announce pricing later this month, per the ordering information. Source: BMW via EGMCarTech