Oregon Mulls Tracking Driver Mileage for Tax

The Oregon Department of Transportation is looking into a system that would track the amount of miles you log as an alternate way to pay road taxes and user fees. An original proposal was shot down in 2006, as users didn't want GPS devices that could potentially track where they were at any given time. The state's DOT has since abandoned that plan, but not the idea of tracking miles as a way to charge a fee. The news comes in a recent report that states interest in the idea stems from a decline in gas taxes collected, an amount that is expected to continue to decrease as cars become more fuel efficient, and as electric cars gain favor. The ODOT is reportedly looking into a number of different methods, including basing rates on annual driving averages as used by car insurance companies. There is also a cell-phone application that shows how much people drive in-state, meaning driving outside of the state wouldn't count against a tally. Initially transportation officials want to propose the system for cars that currently do not pay a gas tax, but eventually the system could apply to all cars, beyond just electric and hybrid models. Source: The Trucker
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