Outfitter Customizes Mercedes-Benz Vans to Maybach Levels of Outlandish Luxury

By Jacob Brown | May 29, 2013
It's safe to say that even if minivans sell better in the U.S. than abroad, Asians and Europeans don't have nearly as much "Oh my gosh, what do the Joneses think of my car?" stigma attached to their rides. The latest evidence of this is Carisma Auto Design's wild take on the 2013 Mercedes-Benz Viano. The Viano slots underneath the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter in the three-point's portfolio overseas, where it is often relegated to family hauling or commercial use for people who don't quite need the massive hauling capabilities of the Sprinter.
Still, it has a ton of space, making it idea of customization projects. While the last conversion van you probably owned had an opera window, shag carpets, and a mural on the side of it, Carisma goes for a far more conservative and upscale route with the Mercedes-Benz Viano, equipping it with quilted leather sourced from barbwire-free farms, real wood veneers, TVs, refrigerators, and whatever else your heart desires. All of it is put together in a workshop in England by hobbits.
"Satisfying special and unusual requests is a key part of our specialist skills and services. Clients come to us because they know that we can achieve the impossible and deliver a vehicle to them that exceeds their expectations," Sales and Marketing Director, Carisma Auto Design, Clive Drake said in a statement. "Trust me, we’ve been asked to incorporate some truly outlandish features, but we still manage to integrate them seamlessly into the vehicle’s interior. We are not limited to the Viano and alternative vehicle conversions are shown on our website."
So if you want a van because you prefer substance over style, the Carisma conversion could be for you. If you want a Mercedes-Benz Viano, however, we suggest you move to Europe because Mercedes-Benz only wants to tarnish its elite luxury image with one commercial vehicle in the U.S., the Sprinter. Source: Carisma Auto Design