Parents Should Register Child Safety Seats Says NHTSA

By Matthew Askari | May 21, 2012
Your child's safety could be compromised by a faulty child seat, and the NHTSA regularly issues recalls on them. But unlike car recalls, where dealers usually notify owners automatically, parents are often left in the dark when it comes to child seat recalls. To best protect your child, and make sure parents are notified about any issues or faults with child safety seats, the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration is urging owners register their seats. Usually with car recalls, dealers have all the contact information and details necessary to alert owners of a potential hazard, but child seats can be bought casually and often without any record or way for manufacturers to contact owners should a fault be discovered. To register, parents will need to provide some general information, such as name and current address, and other details that may be found on the seat and seat label. Those include the manufacturer's name (Graco, Britax, Evenflo, etc.), the date the seat was manufactured, and the model name and number. For further information and for a list of links to popular manufacturer websites where you can register your seat, you can follow the NHTSA advisory page. Source: