Party's Over: 2014 Toyota 4Runner WILL NOT Have "Party Mode" Stereo

By Jacob Brown | May 09, 2013
When the 2014 Toyota 4Runner was introduced two weeks ago at the Stagecoach Festival, Toyota said the SUV would have plenty of features carry over from the pre-refreshed version in addition to a more luxurious interior with higher-quality soft-touch materials.
One of the features that we were told would come back was Party Mode, a function in the stereo that allows the 4Runner to shift most of its sound from front to rear and deepen the bass. Yes, this is designed for swilling whatever beverage you may choose to some obnoxiously loud music whilst carousing with your friends in a parking lot. Now, Toyota says it's gone for 2014.
"The 2014 Toyota 4Runner will no longer receive the Party Mode feature when it goes on sale later this summer," said a Toyota representative in an email we received this morning. "The reason Party Mode is being discontinued is because the 4Runner will be receiving a new and updated standard audio system that will allow you to easily shift speaker balance to the rear speakers, which are still on the hatch.  This will allow for the same 'party mode' experience.  It also means there will no longer be a Party Mode button in the vehicle." Believe us when we say there's always room in our books for an improved stereo. We like hearing good sound quality. But despite the fact that Party Mode is a novelty item that few owners may ever use, it was still a neat piece to show off to friends. We learned about its planned continuance Stagecoach Festival, so in light of its cancellation, we'll pour out a Bud Light and sing a sad country hymn in its honor. Otherwise, things look to be going as planned, with first drives scheduled sometime this summer and the 2014 Toyota 4Runner hitting showrooms towards the end of this year. That is, unless we get another notification saying that we should expect heartbreak, delays, and deprivation of parlor-trick items. Source: Toyota