Pass the Aspirin: Mercedes-Benz to Change Vehicle Names

By Joel Arellano | April 19, 2012
Always been confused by those alphanumeric car names introduced by ze Germans not so long ago? Well, get ready to pull out your smartphone and bring up your Mercedes-Benz app. Our colleagues over at Automobile Magazine report the automaker plans to revamp its lineup's naming scheme to make order out of chaos. However, it still looks like chaos to us, just by a different name. At first, the new schema looks pretty simple. The letter "C" will prefix Mercedes-Benz coupes and convertibles like the current CL-Class coupe. "G" will prefix Mercedes' crossovers and SUVs like the current GL-Class and GLK-Class. Finally, "SL" will designate Mercedes-Benz extensive portfolio of sports cars. That's the easy part. After reviewing our erstwhile colleague's post several dozen times (and banging our head against the flatscreen monitor), we developed the following chart to hopefully make things a bit clearer for you. However, we also want to throw a big "don't hold us to this" caveat out there as well.
Source: Automobile Magazine
Current Name Vehicle Type Based On New Name
CLC (speculated) Four-door "coupe" Upcoming A and B-Class compacts CLA
GLC-Class (upcoming) Crossover Upcoming A and B-Class compacts GLA-Class
A-Class Coupe, convertible All-new CLB(?)-Class
C-Class coupe, convertible C-Class sedan CLC-Class
E-Class Coupe, convertible E-Class sedan CLE-Class
S-Class coupe S-Class sedan Unknown
CL-Class coupe S-Class sedan SLC-Class
SLS AMG (upcoming) Coupe, convertible unique SLR(?)