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Patriotic Political Diatribe: Shut Up about the Chrysler Super Bowl Commercial, Please?!

By Jason Davis | February 10, 2012
Last week, Chrysler aired a 2-minute commercial featuring Clint Eastwood during the Super Bowl. It was pretty good. But some people are outraged by it. They shouldn't be. So, some of these people said some nasty things. And then some other people said they were stupid. It was like being in High School. And these people want to keep talking about it. And these other people are like, so what. What follows below is actual* transcripts from how it all went down.
Chrysler's Super Bowl Clint Eastwood commercial was political "bush league" geared toward re-electing President Barack Obama in 2012. No, it wasn't. Yes, it was, and you're an idiot for not thinking so. Why do you have nothing better to do than stir up hatred and controversy concerning what is clearly an uplifting and patriotic message narrated by an American hero? How does any of that have anything whatsoever to do with Chrysler, a car company? It was heroic and patriotic, and it symbolized the pride that Chrysler feels for making a triumphant and relevant rebound, saving the American auto industry! You saying I don't love America because I am offended by the blatant, unwarranted pro-Obama worship? The White House should stay out of television and sports. Let me guess, because of the bailouts, right? You think President Obama is some Socialist monster destroying America and its core values, and we should have let Chrysler and its 50,000 employees, not to mention the countless employees of Chrysler's suppliers, fend for themselves? This is ridiculous! You are ridiculous. Just like the Chrysler commercial. Yes, the Chrysler commercial. About CARS. Fine, if it wasn't Dirty Harry endorsing Barrack Hussein Obama, then name a single Chrysler car that starred in the commercial? There were plenty of Chrysler cars in the commercial, but it was about more than just cars. So, you're saying it wasn't about cars? THERE IS NO POLITICAL AGENDA! It was just Clint Eastwood giving America a pat on the back, or a hand up from the dirt. Kind of like, "Hey kid, you had a rough fall. But you got back up. Good job." How in the world has this become some idiotic rabbit feed for the nutjob, conspiracy theorists? WHO CARES?!  CAN'T WE JUST SHUT UP ABOUT THE CHRYSLER SUPER BOWL COMMERCIAL?! No. We cannot. Chrysler's Super Bowl Clint Eastwood commercial was political "bush league" geared toward re-electing President Barack Obama in 2012. And there you have it. People are still arguing about this.
Source: Chrysler, inspiration from the Wall Street Journal
*Not really, but kinda of.