Peugeot 888 bends for 2009 Shanghai Motor Show

By Automotive Staff | September 08, 2008
Unlike other designer's studies that have mad waves on the web, the Peugeot has some weight to it. Winners of its i-annual Peugeot Design Competition are turned into actual concept cars for the 2009 Shanghai Motor Show. The 888 is one such winner. Its most significant feature of the design is the centrally locate hinge. Able to bend in the middle, the car would tip up during city driving shrinking its footprint, making it more maneuverable, easier to park, and increasing driver visibility. Once at speed, the car can flatten out become long, low, and stable, with good driving dynamics and aerodynamics. Our take? Not the first car to showcase a change of orientation, but a novel concept anyway. via Gizmag