Peugeot Design Contest 2007 To Show Love For One This Month

By Automotive Staff | February 08, 2007
The Peugeot Design Contest 2007 has been reduced to 10 finalist from a list of 20 and will name the ultimate winner in February. The 10 finalists and their cars include:
  • Mihai Panaitescu of Italy with the Flux.
  • Christian Sano of Rumania with the Liion.
  • Ka Dan of China with the Cub.
  • Moumid Bendifallah of France with the Miawo0.
  • Dario Gagula of Germany with the E-Motion.
  • James Ma of the United States with the Plaire.
  • Ertug Yenydemyr of Turkey with the 910.
  • Gustavo Ferrero of Venezuela with the Allscape.
  • Nemanja Lalcic of Serbia with the Speedlite.
  • Wesley Salkawa of Brazil with the N Jooy (pictured).
Descriptions and images of the vehicles appear at both the link below and at the Peugeot Design Contest website. The winner's car, who will be declared this month, will be constructed as a full scale model by Peugeot and also appear as a driven model in an Xbox 360 video game.
Our take? We thought Mazda's Nagare concept was daring yet doesn't hold a candle to many of these entries. Via Cnet