Peugeot RC Hybrid Concept: A Return to the U.S.?

By Automotive Staff | August 27, 2008
Us young’uns in the States probably don’t think, see, or hear much about the Peugeot. What is a Peugeot? Exactly. The French brand is extinct in the States, discontinued here and Canada years ago. Mexico still gets them, though. You might have heard of them if you pay attention to rally racing, or other race tournaments/circuits—“heard” being the crucial word. Nonetheless, Peugeot has come up with something that might recapture our interest. Its new “RC” concept not only looks hot, but will likely be a novel hybrid that gets up to 313 hp. Both the nose and body look a little sleeker than the 908 RC concept from 2006. Nissan has its work cut out if it wants to maintain a unique “hybrid racecar” philosophy. Our take? Nifty. Now if it only went past being a concept.
via Automobile Magazine