Peugeot To Return To U.S. Market?

By Automotive Staff | February 14, 2007
Have any of you been missing Peugeot? Well, there is good news for those of you who have: they’re baaack! Well, at least some of them are thinking about it. Things are changing in the U.S. market that could favor Peugeot which left in the Nineties. For example, small fuel efficient cars are becoming more popular which European automakers have plenty. Even better, the recent introduction of ultra low sulfur fuel could make it simple to import diesel cars into the U.S. Peugeot also has three hardtop convertibles in its stable at a time when Americans seem to love hardtop convertibles.
New Peugeot CEO Christian Streiff has only had control of the French auto maker for just days and already he is thinking aggressively. Still, there is cause to hesitate. Peugeot has had some quality issues when in the States. But there are two vehicles in the Peugeot line that could turn that around. The soon-to-be-introduced 207 SW could widen eyes with its panoramic glass roof, split-open rear hatch, light gray leather, and tough exterior. Same with the 4007, a midsize crossover, which was co-developed with Mitsubishi. Both cars will appear in Geneva. Our take? So, Mr. Streiff, what to do? What to do? Via Motor Trend Blog

RE: peugeot and USA. No plans at this time.