Photo of the Day: 2013 Mini Cooper Coupe S

By | September 12, 2013
Capturing that moment with a 2013 Mini Cooper Coupe S. A while back I had a Mini Coupe S on the shot list and took it to one of my favorite rooftop garages in Los Angeles. This is the kind of place that never has anyone there, has one of the best views of downtown Los Angeles, and is absolutely free, making it an ideal spot that I frequent often. The green Mini I brought here worked well with the color in the scene. The bright yellow guardrail mixed in with the blue sky and forest green paint makes for a decent color palette. But what really makes this image is the rotation in the wheel and where the action was frozen. Sharp around the rim and blurred enough to clearly show motion, but you're still able to see the basic design of the wheel, which really draws your eye. When shooting a static or still shot of a vehicle you have the luxury of placing the car or wheel as you see fit. I usually make sure the center cap logo is upright and readable, to get the desired angle of the wheel to the camera. With action shots you don’t have the same luxury as you would with a still shot; This was definitely one of those fortunate moments when it just worked out in my favor.