Photo of the Day: 2013 Toyota Avalon

By Jason Davis | June 08, 2013
Southern California is the perfect place to live. Mostly. It has the best weather, girls, cars, food, weather, and our country's most prominent coastline. There's a reason people travel here and end up staying. And did I mention the weather? Most of the time, in all seasons, I can count on some mild morning coastal cloud cover before burning away by mid morning, which is perfect for the style of shooting I prefer. The cloud muffles the sunlight and acts as a giant softbox. Sixty-percent of the time, I get soft, diffused light, every time. Okay, so it's not perfect all the time. And that was a pretty lousy Anchorman joke. But on mornings like that pictured above, and especially when you have so little time with a car, all you can do is throw your hands up and laugh. Or drive somewhere else, like an empty parking lot, or backup plan C.
Gotta be flexible, right? Normally, I would delete these unused photos. After all, when would I need an action shot photo of a 2013 Toyota Avalon driving in a parking lot along the foggy coast? You can't even make out all of the car's features--and that's what a photo is supposed to do! But I hung onto them, for whatever reason, I don't know, and now here it is--proof that California and its acclaimed weather is only awesome most of the time.