Photo of the Day: 2014 Nissan 370Z Nismo

By Automotive Staff | September 11, 2013
Our staff photographer Robert Guio on our Photo of the Day, the 2014 Nissan 370Z Nismo: Driving a 350Z as my daily driver, I was looking forward to comparing the 370Z Nismo we were shortly getting in. Immediately when you slide in you notice the slightly refreshed interior. Still with the triple gauge pods on the top of the center stack, movable gauges attached to the steering column, etc. If you know the 350Z, you know the 370Z; There is no learning curve for the button layout, everything is where it was. Although the Hazard button has been wisely moved up near the bottom of the center stack keeping it away from wandering elbows that tend to unintentionally activate the hazards. I never liked the placement of the hazard button in the 350Z. The exterior though is where your eyes would like to spend most of their time. And with the Nismo styling It’s sure to keep you staring. I mostly enjoyed the view of the picture shown here.  This front three quarter view really showcases the cars bodylines, and shows how they integrate with one another in a cohesive package that just makes the car visually flow.
I chose to take the 370Z Nismo underneath the 4th street bridge near downtown Los Angeles for a number of reasons. First of all, I tend to gravitate towards locations with few colors in the scene. Whether it be greys and warm yellow tones like you see in this image, or intense greens and browns as you would get in a forest scene; These colors are there to support your subject. With this white 370Z and red Nismo accents I wanted to keep the color tones subtle and not overwhelm the car visually with too much color. With the subtleness of the color in the scene it really lets the bright white car be the star in the image especially with those red accents that just “pop” out of the picture. Even though those accents are very small the color tone of the scene makes those accents really stand out. Secondly, are the leadinglines. When looking at the image you can see all of the lines of the road, walls, and bridge all come to a vanishing point right behind the driver’s door and side mirror. These lines visually give the image a center, one that your eyes naturally want to follow. And here the 370Z is sitting right in the vanishing point letting the lines of the car and the lines of the scene work together to create this image.