Photo of the Day: HashtagAcomVolvo Reality Review

By Jason Davis | June 18, 2013
Would you believe that this 2013 Volvo S60 T5 AWD is responsible for all those burnouts and tire marks? You wouldn't? OK, you're right. The #AcomVolvo didn't do that. That's not how we roll. But the S60, despite its solid, hefty steering response, is pretty deft on its feet. I met Associate Editor, Trevor Dorchies, at that spot on the mountain a few times this month for various sports car photo shoots, and though it's no burner, the S60 proved a spirited, willing, and enjoyable cruiser on the mountain roads. Which reminds me. You realize that we have this S60 for the next 11 months, right? Instead of calling it a long termer, we've thus dubbed it the "Reality Review." Really. Because we're living with it, like real life living. Which means that we'll have an update for you real soon, including exciting coverage of our first scheduled maintenance (I told you we rep it really real), and staff first impressions. And then maybe later, a road trip? Which also reminds me. Given four days and a starting point in Los Angeles, what would you do with the #AcomVolvo? Where would you take it? What would you see? How would you document it along the way? Me? I just need music, and thankfully, the S60's audio system absolutely screams.