Photo of the Day: Cars on Dirt

By Jason Davis | June 20, 2013
Some cars are not made for dirt. The mildly hot rodded Buick Regal GS is one of those cars. For the record, dirt was not in the game plan, it just sort of happened that way. As in, "How did this road turn into dirt?" and then soon thereafter, "Let's drive a little further to find a place to turn around," to finally, "When did the dirt road get so rocky?" That pretty much spells disaster for a modestly high-powered front-wheel drive car with super low-profile tires. There never was a place to turn around, not while on a narrow, spiraling path up a mountain road, and it wasn't until we got to the top, where it was rockier and weedier, that me and a former associate editor just decided to use the spot for photos anyway. I mean, at least there was a great view of the Inland Empire on a not terribly smoggy day. It's not a very graceful photo, and it doesn't exactly fit the car in a narrative sense, but the action shots included in the review are among my favorites. This photo mostly serves as a comical reminder to me that, although some ill-prepared photo shoots have gone surprisingly well, others, such as this one, have not. It therefore takes a great deal of time and preparation to find a great photo spot to present each vehicle I shoot for in a creative, but accurate arena.