Photo of the Day: Cars on Dirt, Part 2

By Jason Davis | June 27, 2013
Attack of the compact car shootout! News Director, Keith Buglewicz, knew of a spot he thought would be great for an evening photo shoot on our compact car comparison. It was in the desert, somewhere. We had plenty of time to find it, though, since it was literally the day before the summer solstice (longest day of the year). You'd think we wandered alone in the desert for 40 years. The sun just wouldn't go down, we were dead on water and snacks, and we mostly sat and yapped in our budget beaters with the air condition on, avoiding the summer sun. At least a tremor worm didn't swallow us whole, though that would have made for a fantastic photo op...
The above picture is neat. It's simple. I like how it lends a certain tranquility and scale to the mpg econobox hatches, and it seems like you could drive any one of the three into the desert and back from home base on just a quarter-gallon of fuel. Not a fun drive, but definitely a fun day.