Photo of the Day: Herbie!

By Jason Davis | May 21, 2013
We're going to bug you with our newest feature. Bug you. Get it? Because it's a picture of a… ahh, okay, forget it. That was lame. Seriously, though. New feature. We're going to call it…ready…"Photo of the Day!" But not every day. Not at first. For now, this semi-regular feature will jump into our photo archive to bring you the photos that we find interesting--or overlooked. Or better yet, newsworthy. But  in more of a whimsical, behind-the-scenes kind of way. Like this Love Bug right here, No. 53. He was the lead car in a Hollywood exhibit at the Petersen Autmotive Museum back in Fall 2011. This is a previously unpublished photo because, well, it didn't fit the story at the time. As this series unfolds, I'll be showcasing other photos from press trips and media events, vehicle testing, and from weekly photo shoots, with stories that are hopefully more interesting than the train wreck that is Lindsay Lohan derailing yet another storied Disney franchise.
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