Photo of the Day: Honda Odyssey at Joshua Tree National Park

By Jason Davis | June 25, 2013
There was a time when Americans drove their cars for more than just work transportation. Cars and trucks and wagons were once an expression of American leisure, not in the luxury sense, but in the sense that ordinary folks preferred the company of nature to mindless, flickering screens. The automobile enabled many Americans the chance to get outside, to do stuff, to experience stuff, and to actually see stuff--like the National Parks. From the earliest days of the National Park System, automobiles shaped the way Americans saw and experienced their country. Yes, gas is no longer cheap, but I still believe that cars are more than simple appliances, that they still offer the promise of adventure, excitement, and escape from our too-plugged in lives. has given my colleagues and I the chance to share our enthusiasm for cars with you. It's not our job to turn you into enthusiasts, but to let our experience and our passions enlighten our words, in order to inform you. Read between the lines--you'll see it in our writing.
But I'll be blunt right here: I love California, I love to hike, and I love to drive. Which is why I drove a 2011 Honda Odyssey to Joshua Tree National Park for a weekend escape. It's more than just album art for a famous rock band, but you should check it out yourself. This photo is, for me, one of those photo album kind of pictures. The minivan wasn't bad, either.