Photo of the Day: In Car Connectivity

By Jason Davis | June 12, 2013
This is not a real photo, it's just a point-and-shoot snapshot, and it says, "Whoa! Look at this!" You've no doubt seen the giant iPad inside the Tesla Model S, and other premium manufacturers have for years included wifi hotspots into their cars. But this is the 2013 Mercedes-Benz GLK 250 Bluetec that we've been driving since last week, which gets bonus points for being powered by a turbo-diesel engine, but also for this sweet navigation screen that also functions as a web browser. How awesome is that? (It's super awesome) You know the day is coming. It won't be long until even Kia has these things in every headrest. And while we're wary of its ability to distract the driver, we're especially stoked for its ability to distract the passengers. What do you think? Is this good? Morally reprehensible? So awesome you can't wait to have one? Sound off to let us know!