Photo of the Day: Jaguar XFR-S is Ready for Takeoff

By | November 06, 2013
After giving back the sleek, sexy, and absolutely wild 2014 Jaguar F-Type, we were giving the keys to a "French Racing Blue" 2013 Jaguar XFR-S. The XFR-S is not nearly as pleasing to look at, and not quite as exhilarating behind the wheel, as its newer brother the F-Type.  Nonetheless we took it to one of my usual spots for its glamour shoot. The XFR-S has the look of speed and performance. Before even opening the door and getting in you know you’re not going to be driving a Corolla-level performance car. This thing is Smurf blue, with bright red brake calipers, and a wing large enough that I’m sure the FAA was involved at some point during development. To be completely honest it really looks like someone stole this wing off a WRX STI and put it on their Jaguar, two cars you would never really associate with each other. The rear wing is completely out of place here and was a little difficult to find an angle that showcased it well. It’s such a chunky aspect of the car that the only way it looked somewhat tame was the angle you see here. The higher angle helps to compress the wing visually and not make it look so tall and protruding, while still showing its true shape and form. All of the lower angles really exaggerated the height of the wing and brought its proportions visually to a place that was "Fast and Furious" like. Fast and Furious...not something you’d want to associate your 100k+ Jaguar with.