Picture of the Day: 2013 Ford F-150 in the California Countryside

By | September 19, 2013
Some of the most beautiful roads can be found right here in California. There is such a diverse range of scenery in such a short distance that it gives me a number of locations to choose from for a daily shoot. As soon as I heard that there was a “Green Gem” F-150 on the shot list, I knew already where I wanted to take it. Living in Santa Barbara for three years, I found numerous locations that were ideal for shooting all different types of vehicles. Just outside of Solvang, Calif., is where I decided to take the F-150 and spend the evening photographing it. The road is only about a mile long and is always free of traffic. This allows me time to set up the truck in the road without any worries of having to move the truck out of the way after I’ve framed up my shot. Here I rarely have to that. This image really says "truck." With the sun soaked rolling hills, a massive California Oak, and green fields, the F-150 just seems at home here in the shot. The tall weeds in the foreground give the image some depth and let your eye travel through the scene from the foreground to the background. And with the overall warm tone, really gives your eyes something enjoyable to look at. Where would you take your truck? And what would be in the scene?
Jonathan Morales
Jonathan Morales

The F150 sits right in it's elements in those shots. I love how the 2013 and 2014 Ford F150 are offered in a variety of trim options, especially with the added FX4 Package of custom graphics and the F150 Platinum which features an array of luxury options including hideaway side steps that come out as open one of the doors, an ingenious feature!