Pininfarina Teases Best-Sounding Concept Ever

By Blake Z. Rong | January 12, 2012
Pininfarina has a new object of desire to tantalize us with, and like only the best seductresses, it’s not going to reveal everything at once. The Cambiano—doesn’t that just slide off the tongue like a piece of caramel toffee? Say it a few times with me. Cambiano. Cambiano—is the famed Italian design studio’s whack at a sports sedan, named after the city from which the company started its Styling Center exactly 30 years ago. (Be thankful they didn’t set up shop in, say, Rancho Cucamonga.) It will be “conceived with great attention to the environment,” says Pininfarina, “both as to the engine and as to the materials’ choice.” The teaser shows a deeply inset headlight, comprised of a string of blue LEDs, in front of the sort of bizarre sci-fi backdrop that Grace Jones’s looming head might pop out from. But a picture is a thousand words, so etch the above image into your mind Ludovico-style and look for the rest of the Cambiano at the equally glitzy Geneva Motor Show in March.
Source: Pininfarina's Facebook Page
C Fried
C Fried

Makes me wish that they would donate one to our organization. Would make getting to the shiur on time much easier :")