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Pontiac G6 Brake Light Recall Expansion

By | February 08, 2013
On February 1, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced there may be an expansion of its 2008 recall of General Motors Co. Pontiac G6 brake lights. The previous recall in 2009 included 8,000 vehicles, and the NHTSA has opened an investigation if the GM recall should be expanded to as many as 550,000 Pontiac G6 vehicles. Complaints about the vehicle say the brake lights illuminate then the brake pedal has not been depressed, as well as not illuminating when the brake pedal has been depressed. The cruise control function has also come under scrutiny, with complaints saying it doesn't engage or engages unintentionally. Faulty brake lights will not warn the driver in a following vehicle of slowing down, which could cause an accident. The 2008 investigation by the NHTSA was opened with allegations of brake light malfunctions on Pontiac G6 vehicle models 2005 to 2009. Although no crashes were reported, GM recalled 7,927 2005 vehicles and 85 2006 vehicles that were manufactured in January 2005 only. Source: Detroit News
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Lorrie Czarnowsky Zimmerman
Lorrie Czarnowsky Zimmerman

I have a 2008 G6. In June of 2012, I replaced the BMC because my break lights were working in the reverse and my cruise control would not it is July 2013...and I am having the same problem. Can I take my car to a GM dealer and get it fixed at no charge? This was a very expensive repair .

megan pierce
megan pierce

I have a 2008 Pontiac G6 and my brake lights stay on the whole time I am driving but when I hit the brakes I have nothing. And my cruise control will not engage. I googled this and seen there was a recall on this. What am I suppose to do?