Pontiac Solstice, Mallett-Styled

By Automotive Staff | May 09, 2007
The Pontiac Solstice is about to get new clothes. Mallet Cars will be offering a custom kit for the roadster starting in October which it will debut at this year's SEMA Show. The kit, called the "Pitbull Package", is composed of six fiberglass pieces*. The parts widens the car by 4 inches in the front and 5 inches in back. The cost, including installation and painting, will be somewhere between $16,000 and $18,000. Of course, the carbon fiber version will be more. Note that the packaging has been designed primarily for the V8 version of the Solstice (which is, coincidently, offered by Mallett. Uh, do we see a pattern here?).
Our take? When we first heard of the it, we thought, "why mess with success?" Now we're wondering what took Mallet so long. *Carbon fiber is available through special order. Via Motor Trend Blog