Pool Table Car Is Built From Chevy Monte Carlo, Pool Table, Sheer Insanity

By Blake Z. Rong | January 18, 2012
In the classic 1986 film The Fly, Jeff Goldblum becomes fused to a house fly during a bold scientific experiment gone wrong. Lots of things have gone wrong with this car too, which attempts to fuse the best parts of a 1996 Chevy Monte Carlo with an innocent pool table—and looking just as grotesque in the process. And just like Goldblum's fly, in the name of science and reckless abandonment, what hath man forged? Let’s take a closer look at this thing. It has six wheels, which is actually relatively normal at this point in the world of insane car customization. It’s a convertible; the vinyl-look roof is detachable. The rear (the actual pool table bit) slides outwards and the “car” part of the vehicle detaches, resting on cheapo Home Depot dollies like a pair of child’s legs sticking out from an Uncle Sam costume on stilts. Fans of the Plymouth Voyager III concept will feel like their lives have been validated. “The front of the car detaches easily so a real game of pool can be played,” says the owner—no cheap shots from the passenger seat, as per World Snooker regulations. It’s got custom 22-inch wheels, but grey steelies in back. It’s got a pop-up television. It’s got a built-in refrigerator that can hold up to 32 cans of Schlitz. It’s got a Foreigner cassette wired into the dash. (Agent Provocateur, presumably.) And continuing with the pool theme, it’s got balls everywhere: balls in the front grille, balls on the front hubcaps, and airbrushed balls up and down the table’s flanks in case you mistake this for a rolling bocce court or something. All it needs now is the Hawaiian Tropic Girls and a dog mascot, and its driver will be guaranteed to be the life of the St. Patrick’s Day party at the local VFW. Oh, and it can still go 100 miles per hour, if you’re into that sort of thing.
Built by Triangle Billiards and Big Daddy Vini Bergeman “a.k.a. The Kustomizer, star of Discovery Channel’s The Kustomizer Series,” the car is available for birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, opening your new local business or entertainment venue, or for confirming your parole officer’s worst suspicions when you drive your kid to the prom in it. It’s a lovely piece of American ingenuity, the sort of thinking that gave us the sleeveless tee and bacon-flavored ice cream: what’s better than combining cars and sports where drinking beer is not only encouraged, it’s a proven performance enhancer? On second thought, maybe that’s not such a great idea. But if you certainly think so, you can’t miss the Pool Table Car—and for more videos of it being built and in action, click the link here. Hurry, sponsorships are now available!

Source: Pool Table Car


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