Porsche 550 Spyder ready for a new Bastard

By Automotive Staff | March 18, 2008
Porsche's very first 550 Spyder, winner of the 1955 Le Mans 24 Hour (1100cc Class), has just been put on the market by the very same collector who kept it out of the public eye for the past twenty years.Those of you old enough to remember a movie star by the name of James Dean might also recognize the car, as this is from the same model year as his beloved "Little Bastard." Our take? Serious collectors will be interested to know that a link to Kidston SA has been provided if they wish to ask for more information from the company arranging the sale. Personally, we'd love to even see this beautiful machine in person, and though we'll settle for the hope that it won't be another twenty years before she shows off that sexy silver glow again. via Classic Driver