Porsche Boosting Production to Meet Heightened Demand for Cayenne SUV

By Jacob Brown | July 12, 2011
With a 37 percent sales increase for the first half of 2011, Porsche plans to ramp up production of its Cayenne SUV to meet the surging demand levels. Starting in 2012, production output for the Cayenne will increase 10 to 20 percent. Because demand is up worldwide for the Cayenne, which was redesigned for the 2011 model year, burgeoning markets like China have experienced waiting lists as long as 12 months for vehicles from the Stuttgart-based automaker. Porsche has said that it would like waiting lists to be no longer than six months.
Porsche has also reported a 29 percent increase in sales of the Panamera sports sedan, selling 10,670 units last month and 60,650 through June. Porsche is expecting to sell as many as 28,000 Panameras for 2011 compared to about 20,000 in an extended 2010 model year that began September 2009.
While Porsche is having a comeback year following lower sales numbers during the recession, the company expects its sales to slow as the all-new 911 sports car debuts later this year, thanks to production line switchovers. In 2010, Porsche sold about 97,000 cars across the world, but the company will likely cross the 100,000 threshold this year. With the help of the upcoming small SUV currently known as the Cajun, emerging markets, and the resources of parent company Volkswagen AG, Porsche is aiming to crest 200,000 cars sold by 2018. Source: Bloomberg
Jacob Brown
Jacob Brown

No problem. Yeah, the Cayenne got a lot better in the second generation -- and it was great in the first gen. I'm not an SUV guy, but after checking one out in the metal, I'd definitely consider it.

Calgary Dodge
Calgary Dodge

I first saw this car model at the Geneva Motor Show last May 2010. If ever I had the money to buy a Porsche, I will definitely settle for this one. Thanks for making a post about this vehicle.