Porsche Cayenne Hybrid Concept -- An Oxymoron?

By Automotive Staff | November 26, 2007
Porsche had chosen the Los Angeles Auto Show this month as its venue for showcasing a hybrid version of its Cayenne SUV. Though not a production ready model, it foreshadows Porsche’s commitment to performance hybrid technology. Unlike "soft hybrid" systems such as powering the (now defunct) Honda Accord hybrid and the current Saturn Aura, both which uses electric power to supplement the gas motor and allow it to shut off at stop signs, the Porsche can use its electric and gas motors to operate as pure electric, pure gas, or anything in-between. With batteries residing in the trunk where the spare tire would be, and any ancillaries that would be engine driven now electric (i.e. steering, brakes, etc.) Porsche has designed its hybrid technology to allow for pure electric operation to speeds of up to 75mph. According to the sports car company, there would be no compromises in performance with their system. Our Take? Why not just make it a diesel? As blasphemous as thought as this may be, in our eyes it would be no worse than when Porsche chose to dilute its brand with an SUV to begin with. Regardless, with its Volkswagen connections, why not just hop up a VW diesel to be both more powerful and more efficient, all without the added weight and complexity of an electric motor, batteries, etc. via Technews