Latest Porsche Boxster Meets, Greets, other Famous Porsches

By Blake Z. Rong | September 17, 2012
You can't change the past, but you can certainly relive it. (Or exploit it, depending on your level of cynicism). With this short, rousing video, Porsche links the modern-day Boxster with the deservedly iconic machines of its past, trading on more than just the merits that both are silver in color. Rain is the enemy of roadster drivers, but the drivers unlacking in testicular fortitude find it merely to be a challenge. There's the 718 RSK, the 550 Spyder, the rare 550 Carrera Coupe from the eponymous Carrera Panamerica. There's a 904, one of the more legendary GT racers that kick-started the legend of Porsche Racing. (When talking about older Porsche sports cars, the word becomes a dime a dozen.) There's even a 914, which used to be the red-headed stepchild of Porsche—this one's even. And to bring Porsche into the modern era, there's a Carrera GT (likewise, with the word "Carrera") and a GT1, the brutally fast and short-lived Le Mans car. Porsche brought them to a rainy day at Barber Motorsports Park—as evident by the world's largest motorcycle collection—to enjoy some sonorous exhaust notes over a dramatic indie-rock soundtrack. (Wait until the GT1 gets in there at 1:07. It is, in a word, bitchin'.) Does the Porsche Boxster deserve to be in such rarified company? Considering that every one of Porsche's examples here were purpose-built, compromise-free, advanced masterpieces of racing technology, unencumbered by model hierarchies and marketing burdens—well, you can't change the past, but you also can't stop progress. For enthusiasts and fans of the brand -- as this author is guilty as charged -- the video is dramatic and soul-stirring. For a company whose Freudian desire is to become the next Land Rover, a cheap Porsche sports car could conceivably bounce off every one of those museum pieces. Especially the 914. It's certainly not as egregious as linking the Cayenne to the ass-kicking 959 Dakar rally car. We'd rather see Porsche put its overpriced Euros where its proverbial mouth is.
And what 550 Spyder owner risks his PCA membership card—good for half off appetizers at Shoney's, but only on Tuesdays—to leave his record-selling car out in the rain, like a lowly 924? For shame, encouraging such reckless irresponsibility! What's next, alcohol and cigarette sponsorships?