Porsche Introduces Cayenne GTS, The Perfect SUV For Goldilocks

By Blake Z. Rong | April 10, 2012
At last count, you could walk into a Porsche dealer and, if you really wanted a fast SUV, drive out in a Cayenne S, Cayenne S Hybrid, Cayenne Turbo, and a newly-introduced Cayenne Diesel. You could also get a regular, base-model Cayenne, but what are you, in a lower tax bracket? Now, Porsche adds another to the fray with the Cayenne GTS, which promises to be just as Porsche-y as the rest while also being even Porschier. Ausgezeichnet! Fans of physics-defying luxobarges may remember that the last Cayenne also featured a GTS variant. In the intensely dense and convoluted language known as Porsche-speak, "GTS" refers to a non-turbo model that's been tweaked for handling, styled to resemble the Turbo models, and sitting between the S and the Turbo in the lineup; witness the sublime 911 Carrera GTS for an example. That's what the company's product planners will have you believe, anyway. In this case, it means an upgraded version of the Cayenne S's 4.8-liter V-8, now producing 420 horsepower without turbochargers. Zero to 60 comes in 5.4 seconds, which beats the Cayenne S by .2 seconds (but behind the Turbo, which does it in 4.4). Sorry, row-your-owners, the only transmission available is a Tiptronic S automatic, now packing eight speeds. Outside, the GTS gets the Turbo looks: it gets the Turbo bumpers; a lower ride height; a hatch-mounted spoiler; blackened wheels; and a delicate shade of lime green that says to the world "I play a mean game of golf, and I'm not afraid to brag about it!" Pricing will start at around $82,050 in the US, a $20,000 increase over the Cayenne S and—surprise!—$20,000 below the Turbo. Is this the Goldilocks conundrum—too hot, too cold, just right for the GTS? Potential Porsche owners will decide for themselves when the Cayenne GTS will make its official debut at the Beijing Motor Show in April, a place where such a luxury SUV will sell like the proverbial hotcakes. Or since it's China, will they sell like cong you bing? Source: Porsche