Porsche Readies Smaller Sedan for 2016 Production

By Jacob Brown | September 28, 2011
Without a doubt, Porsche’s flagship luxury sports sedan, the Panamera, has been a runaway success for the German automaker. To capitalize on the market’s positive reception of four-door Porsches, the company will be rolling out a smaller sedan to do battle with the heart of the luxury sports sedan market. Nicknamed “Pajun,” the junior Panamera will sit on a new dedicated rear-wheel-drive platform it is expected to share with Bentley and Lamborghini models instead of corporate cousin Audi’s front-wheel drive-based platform that underpins the A6 midsize sedan. The modularity of the platform should also allow for all-wheel-drive versions in addition to possible coupe, convertible, and wagon versions. Power should come by way of V-6, V-8, diesel V-6, and plug-in hybrid powertrains. Engines will likely develop between 250 horsepower on the low side from Audi-sourced four-cylinder and diesel engines all the way up to 550 horsepower for advanced turbocharged V-8 engines. The “Pajun” should have a seven-speed automatic or seven-speed manual transmission available similar to the units found in the upcoming 911 sports car.
Unlike the Hunchback of Notre Porsche, a.k.a. the Panamera, expect the “Pajun” to have a traditional sedan look with a conventional trunk instead of a liftback. With a filled-out lineup including the “Pajun,” Cajun compact crossover, 918 supercar, and potentially a few other models, Porsche expects to wrangle 200,000 worldwide sales by 2018. Source: Car magazine