Portable Seatbelt Approaches Reality

By Joel Arellano | October 26, 2006
Despite the media constantly bombarding drivers and passengers to “buckle up”, virtually no bus in the U.S. or the rest of the world has seatbelts. That may soon, change, though, for passengers who want the safety and are willing to carry it with them.The portable seatbelt is the brainchild of Anne Schewe and developed by students at the University of Massachusetts. The Schewes lost their daughter, Sarah, to an accident while she was traveling in India. The parents believed a seatbelt could have saved her life. The portable seatbelt works by using elastic straps that wrap around the bus seat then the passenger’s shoulders. A lap belt is included for additional safety. While the current design weighs around five pounds, the Schewes and the design team believe they can get it as light as two pounds. States Charles Schewe, “The benefits and potential for this could be huge. Parents are always thinking about their kids' safety when they travel. If we could do something to save some lives, that would be such a legacy for Sara." Our take? We never understood why buses, which transport millions of people each year, don’t have seatbelts. The argument that the expense is too great doesn’t make much sense when considering people’s lives. Thus it falls back on citizens like the Schewe family and help from the university to take matters into their own hands to preserve their life as much as possible. Via Yahoo! News; image by AP Photo
Verdine Benn
Verdine Benn

I would like to know where I can purchase a portable seatbelt. I am travelling to So. America and the mini buses that they use do not have individual seatbelts for passengers. I would like to take one with me. tel#678-698-0431