Possible Oil Leak Cause of MY2012 Honda Civic Recall

By Automotive Staff | May 23, 2011
Honda Motors, upon recommendation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, has issued a recall on MY2012 Honda Civic coupe and sedan which just went on sale a scant few weeks earlier. According to the federal agency and the automaker, an O-ring that seals two pipes near the Civic’s fuel tank may be misaligned, which could allow fuel to leak from the pipes. As the NHTSA points out, leaking gasoline could cause a fire if it contacts a hot surface, such as an exhaust. Honda says very few of the cars have actually been sold to customers so far, and that no injuries or fires have been reported. Approximately 1150 vehicles may have been affected by the issue. Honda has notified its dealerships to repair all 2012 Civics sold to customers and those still at dealerships. The fuel line will be replaced free of charge under the recall, which begins May 27. via NHTSA courtesy of Motor Trend Staff
Vancouver Dodge
Vancouver Dodge

The sooner they knew of the problem the better. The misalignment of the O-rings is a dangerous thing, and I am glad that Honda announced this early on. My uncle purchased a My 2012 Honda Civic car last May and responded quickly after hearing about the re-call. Hey, who doesn't want a free service trip to the dealership after all? :)