Potential Loss of Steering forces Recall on 2009 Saturn Vue SUVs

By Automotive Staff | December 10, 2008
As they say, hindsight is always twenty/twenty. Or in the case of a new Saturn SUV recall, hindsight always gives you the clearest Vue, a Vue of an incredibly dangerous build quality issue for these pint-sized SUVs, that is. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently announced a huge recall of over two million Saturn Vues as some of them may have been built with the wrong left or right front steering knuckle. If your Vue has the incorrect steering knuckle installed, there is a possibility that it could cause it to separate from your front tie rod thereby causing you to lose steering control. And if that happens you will more than likely have an unpleasant crash in your future. And nobody wants to see that. Our Vue? Where are General Motors' quality control inspectors? How hard is it to tell if you are installing a “right” or “left” steering knuckle? And how could the person in charge of installing these parts on the assembly line get away with making this mistake over two million times? While we always appreciate it when an automaker agrees to fix a build problem for one of its vehicles we have no idea how an issue with such clear cut safety ramifications could continue on unabated for so long. Let’s just hope that GM takes the “long-Vue” and fires the person responsible for this huge mistake. via College Driver