Pretty Video: Volvo Teases New You Concept

By Jason Davis | September 09, 2011
At, we love a good tease, and that's why we're posting this new Volvo video teaser of the concept You. The You will officially be unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show next week, but if you're anything like the geeks we are, this new teaser will tickle your fancy. With recent Volvo news and technological advancements announced earlier this week, we're fairly excited to see what the iconic Swede has in store for us. The video is just 49 seconds long, but we dig the inspirational background music and the panning video work. It reminds us of craft time in the classroom when we were children, back when it was still possible to see greatness in scribbled lines and ink dots.
In a way, concepts are a master-planned vision of greatness, and Volvo is no stranger to turning out fascinating concepts. Don't miss the behind the scenes stitch work, or the body molding, air brushing, and interior dash sketches. In fact, this video-tease idea is a trend we rather enjoy.

Source: Volvo