Pricing Details on BWM ActiveE 1-Series EV Coupe

By Automotive Staff | April 19, 2011
EV buyers have a new vehicle to consider besides the Nissan LEAF. BMW has just released pricing details on its ActiveE 1-Series electric coupe. Pricing is $499/month for a 24-month lease, with $2250 down. Although the terms are different, that pricing ends up being about the same as what you’d pay to lease the company’s current electric vehicle, the Mini E, which was available in 2010 for $600/month with no down payment, for a one-year term. Upon its initial offering, in 2009, the cost was $850/month, again for 12 months with $0 down. Like the Mini E, the ActiveE is being leased only. Deliveries start this fall. Read the full article at BMW ActiveE to lease for $499/month

Sounds like a lot. I wonder if it will pay for itself in the end?