Prius Is California's Best-Selling Car, Sun Continues To Shine Unabated

By Blake Z. Rong | October 19, 2012
California is a land of stereotypes, but as we all know, those are grounded in certain unalienable truths. Therefore, it's no surprise that the Toyota Prius has replaced the Volkswagen Bus Great Equalizer of surf bums, fashion victims, Valley girls, and bros everywhere. Toyota has sold 46,380 Priuses to California alone so far this year, or 25 percent of all the Priuses sold in America. That includes the Prius c, the Prius v, and the Prius Plug-in that's still not sold in much of the rest of the country. Yes, the perennially popular Ford F-150 sells the most across the rest of the country, but here in the People's Republic of California the Prius is king. It's no surprise, too, seeing that as of 10 minutes ago the Chevron down the street from our Los Angeles office saw a price of $4.67 per gallon. Drill, baby, drill? Buy, baby, buy a Prius and drive on, which is what Californians are doing—car sales rose 26.3 percent over the past nine months in California. Across the nation, Prius sales are estimated to top 230,000, a steady amount over last year's total Prius sales of 136,463. However, that was for just the original-flavored Prius during a year rife with natural disasters and low supplies; the Prius c and v are expected to carry this figure to new heights.
And whatever stereotype Prius drivers can afford, one can rest assured that in California that stereotype transcends all races and creeds and walks of life. Source: Businessweek
Rockingham Toyota
Rockingham Toyota

The Prius has certainly been a favorite among many different groups of people including celebrities. I have been seeing more and more celebrities conscience about the environment which is inspiring.