Protest Against Sirius/XM Merger Get Legal

By Automotive Staff | July 11, 2008
You may have thought it was practically a done deal. We know we did. But apparently the pending merger between XM and Sirius Satellite Radio, which has been waiting on a ruling by the Federal Communications Commission, isn’t a done deal after all.For some time now, groups such as advocates of minority-owned businesses and the National Broadcast Association have voiced problems with the pending merger. Now attorney generals from 14 states also have a problem with the merger The attorneys involved come from such states as Connecticut (no shock there), Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Washington State, and Wisconsin. A full list can be found at the original article. Joining the attorneys is Deborah Taylor Tate, commissioner with the Federal Communications Commission. According to TWICE, the attorneys are saying that XM and Sirius should lease a minimum of 20 percent of their spectrum to a third party to encourage competition. Minority businesses advocates have also made the same complaint. Our take? And the battle continues....
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oh my, next time they shouldn't be so quick to put out press releases!