Public Service Announcement: Don't Film Yourself Driving Fast

By Blake Z. Rong | March 15, 2012
A great man once said, "money doesn't buy brains." Another great man also once said "branded driving gloves are for wimps," though I'm not sure who that was, and in fact that might have been me. Either way, a Japanese man and his Fifteen Minutes Of YouTube Fame are reeling from both of these statements—now that he faces a hefty fine and jail time after realizing that like him, the police also dabble in badly-filmed videos on the Internet. The Japanese man, a doctor from Fukuoka prefecture, filmed himself driving his Ferrari 458 Italia to 77 mph. Maybe that doesn't sound too fast, but it was on a two-lane cliffside road with a posted limit of 40 mph. He narrowly squeezes past oncoming traffic, dips into the other lane for a bit, and straddles the center line—all while rampaging towards blind corners and narrow, dense stretches of bridgework. The enterprising YouTube star posted the video on a few message boards, where other forum users—proving that there's still some hope for humans who live on the Internet—quickly shouted him down for reckless driving. A month later, police caught wind of his antics and began investigating, calculating his speed on that stretch of highway—and made their arrest.
American speeding violations may seem stiff, but they're a dunce cap and a time-out compared to Japanese penalties. The doctor is facing a $1,220 fine and up to six months in prison, possibly in the same cell as the chaps who caused the pricey pileup last December. They'll have plenty of time to share Ferrari-logoed fashion tips and complain about the price of a Prancing Horse oil change—which, at last count, rang in at just under 150 bucks. Curiously, the video is still online. If you want to watch the evidence and determine if all those penalties are worth it, check it out below. (Note the rosso corsa driving gloves that magically appear on his mitts at 2:06.) Unlike the rest of the Internet, we won't judge.

Source: Mainichi Daily News