Radar Detectors expand to sense Red-light Cameras and Speed Monitors

By Automotive Staff | November 12, 2008
A product or device with just one function just doesn’t cut it any longer in today’s society. Just look at the cellular phone and devices like the Crack...er...BlackBerry. There was a time when radar detectors that just sensed police radar was sufficient. But today, radar is not the only technology used by municipalities to monitor our driving. There are now red-light cameras -- cameras attached to traffic lights that snap pictures of cars running the light. As a result, there are radar detectors that now offer speed and red-light camera warnings. Cobra was the first radar detector to offer the red-light camera warning feature in 2007. These new devices include GPS technology and a database of camera locations.
The Escort system also includes a feature that allows the user to bookmark locations where false radar warnings occur. Our take? As usual, check your state laws on said devices. via TWICE