Ram Releases First Teaser Image before New York Auto Show Next Week

By Trevor Dorchies | March 29, 2012
Starting this Saturday, March 31, Ram will take to social media sites Facebook and Twitter to begin stirring up interest for the official unveiling of the 2013 Ram 1500 next week at the 2012 New York International Auto Show. The marketing campaign, dubbed "A Giant Awaits," will show a new teaser photo on Ram's Facebook page for five days until April 4. Viewers will be able to comment on the 2013 Ram 1500 along with taking their best shot at what they think the mystery image is. The teaser images will all come together on April 5 when the latest Ram 1500 will be unveiled to the world at NYIAS. There, the images will each be explained. However, before Ram begins releasing teaser images, the automaker dispersed another teaser image early. Yes, a teaser of a teaser. Ram is now giving people the chance to guess this first teaser image (shown above) before the other ones begin showing up. No word on if you win a little prize for guessing it right or you just get the satisfaction of knowing what it is and a pat on the back, yet. We don't want to tell you our guess and give it away but sound off in the comments section with what you think it is.
Source: Ram
Jake Bratzler
Jake Bratzler

Chrome cross with a Ram logo in the center...it's the grill! Upper right quadrant.