Range Rover Evoque Carrying Jaguar, Land Rover Sales

By Blake Z. Rong | July 19, 2012
According to corporate overlord Tata Motors, the Range Rover Evoque is single-handedly buoying the Jaguar Land Rover business. Sales of Jaguar cars may have sunk by 5 percent last month, but Land Rover rose almost 50 percent to 24,386 vehicles out the door, globally. And there's little surprise that the brand's newest, flashiest, and least expensive model is carrying the company through and through, in a world where the young and trendy still place value on established luxury brands like Range Rover and the Evoque. In America, the numbers tell a different story. The Evoque may be gaining traction in countries where conspicuous consumption is a national pastime and German luxury cars are a newborn's birthright, but in America sales of the Evoque itself fell by about 43 units from May to June, to 663 vehicles. Those are small figures all around, but half the purpose of a luxury brand is to be exclusive—at least, that's what someone will surely justify. For a brand that sold 3,602 vehicles total in a four-model lineup that month, Evoque sales made up 18.4 percent of the company's sales. Likewise, Tata is going to invest $3.1 billion into expanding factories as well as developing new models, to take on rising sales in China and Russia, two countries where expanding wealth can only truly be marked by a new luxury car. Maybe some of this R&D money will go towards the Evoque Convertible concept, a silly idea that the nouveau riche classes will nevertheless enjoy in a manner that will leave Nissan product planners scratching their heads.
Source: Automotive News