Range Rover Hybrid to Debut in Frankfurt

This September at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Land Rover will be introducing two new variants of the Range Rover Sport, a diesel-electric hybrid model, and one powered by a diesel V-8 engine. Also in the Range Rover Sport's future is a four-cylinder EcoBoost engine, but it will be some time before that version is released. Land Rover's Chief Program Engineer for the Range Rover Sport, Stuart Frith, said, "The significant weight reduction has allowed us to put an inline-4engine in the car - which will come later in the life cycle of the product. Prototypes that we've made, with the inline-4 in, the car really still is truly a Range Rover: it still has the performance and off-road capability, because of that weight saving." The target CO2 emissions for the hybrid variant are 169 g/km with a diesel V-6 engine. The hybrid hardware will be placed under the floor of the Range Rover Sport, so the seven-seat capacity and cargo space won't be hindered. Frith also hinted to the possibility of the hybrid variant will feature a motor/generator unit between the engine and the transmission. Source: Carsales.com